Corporate Background

Integra Systems, Inc., founded in 1997 now 2022. – Twenty five years of proven experience.

We are a global reach healthcare, medical device, and wireless engineering-centric consultancy with associates in a variety of engineering, design, testing, and integration disciplines.

Many in the medical device and wireless community have come to rely upon our vast experience and diverse technology know-how that is coupled with hands-on field experience in the wireless and mobility space.

This wireless domain experience has enabled companies to validate and verify the correct wireless technology that has saved them tremendous development and roll out costs.

Our expertise is focused on wireless healthcare; however, we have extensive experience in multiple vertical enterprise markets.

Integra Systems business entity revolves around mobility and connectivity communications, work flow and automation process that is coupled to gains in productivity through all the aspects of wireless and connectivity technologies.

We take the technology and translate it into business process improvements that can be translated into the bottom line.

We know wireless.  This is what we do.

This unique knowledge, background and forward-looking connectivity vision is backed up with years of engineering and implementation experience from point of care devices through innovations across the enterprise medical device management model.

Our goal is to take the complex convergence of technologies and make it simple for those that want to enable their healthcare enterprise with wireless and mobile computing technologies.

The bottom line is to drive real value or the ROI into the day-to-day business process through the right application and technology solution offering. We will deliver the integrated solution with ethics and integrity (which is foundation of the name of “Integra”, not integration) beyond your expectations.


“The price of success is devotion, hard work, and ceaseless
commitment to that which one wishes to achieve”
– Frank Lloyd Wright