Wireless Design

Wireless Design for Enterprise and Critical Mobility Applications

In order for wireless applications to work correctly, you need to understand the enterprise wireless and RF environment.

Expertise we offer

  • Planning, architectural design, implementation and support.
  • Know-how for integrating complex wireless projects.
  • Projects that range from multi-floor environments, outdoor campus environments, and
co-existence strategies with various wireless standards.
  • Our core competencies have been tested through design, project management, implementation, validation and verification, and system support.

Questions to consider for your enterprise

  • Have you considered the convergence of 802.11ac and how this will fit into the arriving 4G environment? What are the infrastructure requirements needed to meet these higher standards?
  • How will you implement a comprehensive cyber security plan for your enterprise?
  • What is the right business and clinical strategy for medical devices to integrate 802.11a/g/n/ac, low-power Bluetooth, the smartphone and the 3G/4G environment?

Questions to consider for your healthcare applications

  • Will low-power Bluetooth 4.0 and the smartphone finally allow telemedicine to take off?
  • How do you decrease risk of using wireless technologies in healthcare considering potential interference and cyber security concerns?
  • Do you understand the requirement needed for Quality of Service (QoS) for WLAN-enabled medical devices? How will the correct design of the WLAN ensure this QoS? 

Before moving forward

  • At the core of the performance of a mobile application is the proper planning, design, and implementation of the intended solution. Our experience in a variety of vertical markets can help here.
  • It is critical to have clarity in your planning process. We can help you better understand the critical issues to consider prior to planning and deploying your wireless strategy.


What Integra Systems has learned through experience

You can imagine the capability to have a complex ecosystem of different business and clinical applications with the right security and performance requirements.

We can demonstrate this capability through our work with a major patient monitoring company. This laid the foundation for the first patient monitoring system that provided mission-critical data in a shared wired and wireless VLAN design.

We have designed, built, and deployed a market solution that has connected medical devices in a home setting. This solution consisted of web services and a multi-tiered wireless strategy that included cellular services.

Next Steps

Contact us  to discuss how we can help you get the results you need to deploy best wireless strategies for your enterprise or application.