Integra Systems: Wireless Integration for Healthcare

integra-capabilities-hdIntegra Systems, Inc., is a global-reach healthcare, medical device, and wireless engineering consultancy with associates in a variety of engineering, integration, and regulatory disciplines. Many in the medical device and wireless healthcare community have come to rely upon our years of experience and know how; coupled with field experience in the wireless and mobility space.

  • The business revolves around developing improvements in medical device mobility, wireless connectivity communications, work flow and automation processes that have been validated to provide gains in productivity through all the aspects of wireless technology.
  • Wireless in healthcare is what we do. From work in the medical device area to the integration of wireless mobile devices into the enterprise, our domain expertise extends to 1982.
  • Our goal is to take this complex convergence of wireless technologies and make it simple for those that want to enable the value add of the healthcare enterprise with wireless  mobile computing and smart phone applications.  We are available for tactical and strategic business planning for enterprise wireless applications, mobility and wireless solutions, device development, regulatory test plan development, product launches, and support in executing the right “go to market enterprise strategy “.

Integra Systems, Inc.
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